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Techniques Super Networkers Use To Rise Above The Rest

5 Techniques 'Super Networkers' Use to Rise Above the Rest


By Marissa Brassfield,

Anyone who's ever attended a networking event knows that not everyone can network successfully. In a column for Entrepreneur, author Lewis Howes shares seven techniques and habits all "super networkers" have mastered to make the most of their efforts.

  1. Add value. Do your homework on people you'd like to meet, and ask questions that demonstrate your attention to detail. Ask those you already know what they're struggling with and what they're working on. Help them make connections, especially if you know someone who could help solve their problems.
  2. Take notes. Instead of just going home after a networking event, Howes suggests instead, "Write down important topics that came up." This will help you keep track of those you've connected with and bolster your reputation as a thorough, detail-oriented person.
  3. Be memorable. Share something memorable about yourself when you meet someone that doesn't have to do with your career or company. Networkers are accustomed to hearing elevator speeches, so your passion for food trucks or the bassoon can go a long way in helping you stand out from the crowd.
  4. Be accountable. Maintain the relationships you've forged at networking events. Howes recommends staying in touch with the top five to 10 people in your network and take a few moments each week to do something helpful for them. This could be as simple as making an email introduction or as involved as setting up a business lunch with a new contact.
  5. Pay attention. "Ask successful entrepreneurs to tell you how they got where they are," suggests Howes. This doesn't just help you build rapport, it also gives you valuable insight into the approach people take to business and life.

Are you a super networker? What tips would you add to these?

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